Starting the War….Tree

Do you ever wish you could reinvent yourself. Be the bad ass you were always meant to be? Knock down expectations. Get all your angst out, manners be damned? Wear black boots, long hair and turn it up to 11 all day long???

And that’s how War Tree seed was planted a couple of years ago. Well that and a fair amount of beer drinking. Add in a pandemic, a derecho and everything else 2020 has thrown at us and we find it time to launch. Call it an ornery little brother, an alter ego, the devil on your shoulder. We don’t care because this is our place to do what we want.

Brewer led, pushing boundaries of art and science, using the top ingredients, exploring concepts not fads, we will launch a beer per quarter in bottles for sale in the War Tree Lounges, our rough and ready spot to have a beer and take some to go.

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