A note of clarification

Considering the current events and tension happening around our country, we would like to make a brief statement about our name and our intentions.

War Tree was started by Peace Tree Brewing Company as an alter ego.  It began a couple of years ago as an inside joke amongst our team.  We wanted to create an alias to brew unique and creative beers that didn’t quite fit in with Peace Tree’s other flagship offerings.  We envisioned this side project as a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde relationship, with War Tree representing the bolder side of Peace Tree.

We would like to be clear that we do not condone violence of any sort, and our first beer release scheduled for January 23rd is not related to any political statement or call for action.  We believe in the peaceful transfer of power, as well as the right to peaceful assembly.

Our hope since we first started has been that the beverages made under the Peace Tree name will be shared with friends and strangers alike, and act as a catalyst for conversations, new friendships and agreements.  We strive to create a space where community can come together over a beer, and bridge our differences by discovering what unites us rather than divides us. Thank you.

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