What’s going on

The beginning

First release day details 1.23.21

Because we are EXTRA!!!! Saturday’s release will have our Kveik Imperial Stout in bottles as well as draft (in house or growlers) of War Tree Double Hazy IPA (8.5% ABV). Brewed with oats, white wheat and fog yeast for hazy appearance and body. Sabro & Belma hops add stone fruit and strawberry-like fruity character. We…

A note of clarification

Considering the current events and tension happening around our country, we would like to make a brief statement about our name and our intentions. War Tree was started by Peace Tree Brewing Company as an alter ego.  It began a couple of years ago as an inside joke amongst our team.  We wanted to create…

Label fable

We’ve been quietly planning this beer roll out for 18 months. And while the beer is finishing up it’s fermentation, it’s always great to have tangible piece of a project coming to life. Today the labels arrived and they are bad ass. We’ve loved the work of Jake at 2Trees for a while now and…

War Tree Gear

The beer will stand for itself but it’s more exciting when you have gear to go with it. Our first T’s arrived so fans can wear their battle badges proudly. Dark grey with a while logo, it’s sure to fit in any any mosh pit and is comfortable enough for crowd surfing.

Brew day

Fermentation is well underway for an on schedule release on 1.23.21.

War Tree #1

The first beer from War Tree will launch on January 23, 2021. While some have struggled with the hot fermenting Kveik yeast, we have tamed it into submission. Our inaugural Kveik Imperial Stout is a skullcrusher. Black mountains of chocolate malt and roasted cacao crash down mercilessly into waves of house made oat milk, spilling forth…

Starting the War….Tree

Do you ever wish you could reinvent yourself. Be the bad ass you were always meant to be? Knock down expectations. Get all your angst out, manners be damned? Wear black boots, long hair and turn it up to 11 all day long??? And that’s how War Tree seed was planted a couple of years…

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